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Motor, Chain, Belt, Shafts, Coupling, Bearing, Sprockets, Speed, Reducer

Actuator, Sensors, Inverter, Control, Cam Follower, Sequence Controller, Servo Motor, Servo Amplifier, PLC, LM Guide

Pump, Hydrolic, Blower, Pneumatic, Vacuum, Conveyors, Metal Material, and many more.

Shorea Javanica. White meranti (in english), Manggasinoro (in Filipine). These damar trees are only originally Indonesia (Lampung, South Sumatera) plants which are not available in any other countries.

Desiccated Coconut (DC) is the coconut meat that comes from fresh and matured coconut. The coconut meat is peeled, rinsed, grated, ground, dried, sifted, and prosessed hygienically 

We have some product like fruit, rice, roster, and clay crafts. We can offer whatever you need we have it!

ALK can supply all industrial chemicals that we can Import or Export as per customers request and our Business License
Number 46691.B PERDAGANGAN BESAR BAHAN DAN BARANG KIMIA DASAR (English : Wholesale trading of basic chemical materials and commodity)

We have logistic transportation fleet that support for chemicals handle

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We create effective solutions for our customers all over the world. We will help you choose the best one for your company!

ALK is an international industry supplier company. Our customers include thousands of companies around the world. Our high-performing, innovative, and sustainable solutions are backed by best-in-class technology, deep process knowledge, and customized services.

One of the key elements of ALK strategy is the dynamic development of the Industry business division by utilising the potential of new market segments and diversifying with the current trends in various industries. Every day, our specialists work on the stable growth and development of organizations, building up the strength of all relations and as a result, establishing a solid business platform for all contractors interested in a reliable and long-term cooperation.

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We have stock in japan for a lot of fuji electric & NBK items!
And we have good price for
"san-ei tech, Takex, KITZ GUN" and TOGI (TOYO GIKEN)"!

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